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Traffic Offenses can have Major Implications

No Case is Too Small

Often people do not contest traffic tickets. However, simply paying a fine for the ticket can have major implications for drivers. Most traffic offenses have a point value assigned to them. If the number of points from traffic offenses against a driver’s license exceeds twelve points, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles suspends the driver’s license. Points assessed against a driver’s license can cause insurance premiums to increase for the driver. Also, conviction of driving offenses can seriously affect individuals who must drive an automobile for work. In fact, the conviction of certain driving offenses can impair employment opportunities in certain circumstances. If you retain me, I can begin working immediately to protect your driving record and help keep the cost of your insurance down.

If you are involved in accident and the police officer issued you a ticket or found you at fault, you have the right to contest that finding in court. You have the right to question any witness to the accident who says you were at fault. If you retain me, I can question these witnesses for you. I can make sure your rights and driving record are protected against improper charges.

As a former prosecutor for the City of North Charleston, I’ve handled thousands of cases involving traffic offenses. Let me put my knowledge, skill, and experience to work for you. Call my office today for a free consultation about your traffic ticket.

While developing a strategy unique to you, I will consider and advise you of any consequences of any conviction to your personal or professional life. Every criminal conviction will have consequences: any conviction will create a criminal record that will follow you, a conviction for a traffic offense can increase insurance costs or suspend your driver’s license. Remember, you ARE innocent until proven guilty. As a former prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can see your case and develop a defense from all angles, contact my office today for a free consultation.

Free Consultations

My office offers free consultations for traffic offenses. During our consult, we will discuss your case and I will explain your rights to you. If you decide to retain me, I will begin working to get you the best result I am able to for your traffic offense. If you've been charged with a traffic offense, contact me, an experienced Charleston, SC lawyer today.

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